In case you’ve missed it, there’s been a revolution in desk and workstation design. One of the leaders of this revolution is Ergotron, whose range of office furniture is specifically designed for the user’s comfort and well-being. Work smart and be comfortable.
Work Fit LX Sit-Stand Desk Mount System

Want to work smart? Want to work in comfort whilst using technology to its maximum potential? Office furniture designed by Ergotron could be for you. Founded in Minnesota in 1982, Ergotron are market leaders in sit-stand desks and clever mounting solutions for your computer equipment. With their headquarters in the United States, Ergotron have a very strong representation in Europe and are an established global brand.

Ergotron’s mission statement includes the headline, “Productivity. Wellness. Balance. Feel the difference.” Their cutting-edge products reflect this company ethos and having developed over 70 patents, their quality and innovative designs are tested and proven. Ergotron are passionate about promoting healthier lifestyles at work and they have launched a campaign website ( to highlight the dangers of sitting for too long at work.

Innovative office furniture
Here at Radius Office we stock a wide range of Ergotron’s sit-stand desk mounts and workstations. Ergotron are probably best known for their range of mounts and sit-stand workstations and there are many proven benefits to using a sit-stand desk. They provide a great deal of flexibility to an office worker and help to promote a healthier lifestyle at work. Sitting down for long hours is bad for your health and Ergotron’s products enable the user to stand comfortably whilst working to improve posture and blood flow. Ergonomic designs are at the heart of Ergotron’s products and their patented Constant Force™ technology allows the user to effortlessly reposition the monitor and computer equipment to the correct position for their individual needs.

Ergotron WorkFit-A Sit Stand Workstation for Apple

Radius Office’s range of Ergotron products features sit-stand workstations designed specifically for Apple products, including the latest iMac (from the 21” model all the way up to the larger 27”). We also stock workstations designed specifically for laptops, sit-stand workstations for desktop computers and workstations with dual monitor mounts. A popular item is Ergotron’s WorkFit sit-stand base. This allows you to easily attach your existing desk to the WorkFit base and create your very own sit-stand workstation. Not only are our range of Ergotron products great for your health but their smart and contemporary design looks great as part of your office space. Purchasing Ergotron products won’t break the bank either as they are marketed as cost-effective ergonomic office furniture solutions. All Ergotron products come with a five-year warranty giving you peace of mind when you make that purchase.

Features to benefit your office
Check out the list below for some of the great features packed into Ergotron’s products:

  • Foldable keyboard tray
  • Sit-stand desks with dual monitor holders
  • Sit-stand workstations designed specifically for laptops
  • Elevated work surface neatly placed above or below the keyboard tray
  • Suspended keyboard tray
  • Mounts to convert your existing workstation into a sit-stand desk
  • Patented innovations such as Constant Force™
  • Top-selling Ergotron brand WorkFit for an all-in-one desk solution.

Promoting a healthy working environment
As mentioned earlier, Ergotron launched in 2010 to raise awareness of the dangers of excessive sitting and the sedentary lifestyle. This website provides an up-to-date resource for employers and employees so they can better understand the dangers of sitting all day at work. It also shows people that ergonomic office furniture and in particular sit-stand workstations are affordable and are here to stay.

Ergotron developed sit-stand workstations in 2009 in a bid to combat the growing complaints of neck and back pain from their own employees. More and more companies are now incorporating sit-stand desks into their office designs as a result of the greater awareness of the issues caused by employees sitting for long hours at their desks. Businesses recognise they can save money and have more productive employees if they invest in cost-effective ergonomic office furniture. By looking after their employees and providing comfortable and well-designed chairs and desks, they can cut down on the number of sick days taken through aches and pains and other medical complaints. It also features useful tools like the calorie burn calculator and the sitting time calculator, along with videos and infographics. It is a site worth checking out – there is loads of useful information on there aimed at everyone from schools to large businesses.

And finally…
If you’re ever in Minnesota, Ergotron welcomes visitors to their headquarters, or you can catch them at a number of trade fairs. It is definitely a brand worth checking out and keeping track of because you never know what they are going to invent next. They are a company pushing the boundaries of office furniture and one of the leaders of a growing group of office furniture designers ensuring office-workers don’t have to sit in uncomfortable silence all day.