We’re fast-approaching the middle of the year and there have been many trends that have caught our eye. The constant advancements in technology have called for ever-changing office layouts and mind-sets, however there are certain aspects that should never change. Your office should always be an enjoyable and useful environment for your employees and should be clean, simple and aesthetically pleasing. In today’s fast-paced world, a well-designed workplace is crucial to your employees’ wellbeing and productivity. From integrated technology to flexible layouts, we have put together our favourite trends for 2017.


With paperless offices becoming more popular, companies have been able to utilise their space by cutting down on filing cabinets. Unless you work in the healthcare or finance industry, companies have been taking the time to transfer all of their physical files to the cloud. With all of your extra space, there’s an opportunity to get creative with repurposing that space. Meeting Pods and huddle workspaces are very popular, look great and allow your employees somewhere quiet to host meetings. Soft furniture in collaborative workspaces is another ‘home away from home’ trend that is here to stay.

Simple Minimalistic Office Layout
Wireless Cellphone Charging Integrated Power

Integrated Technology

An office design trend that is not only useful but logical, too, is integrated technology. A great example of this is wireless phone chargers that can be placed into your desktop. Another very popular option is integrated power modules. These are available in multiple different configurations and can be individually designed to suit your personal needs. Integrated power modules help to reduce loose cable hazards and allow for simple hot-desking solutions.


The 2016 Pantone colour of the year was Rose Quartz and there’s no doubt that the trend of soft, pastel colours has made its way back into 2017. The correct use of colour in your office space has been proven to have beneficial effects on your employees’ wellbeing and productiveness. For example, using colours such as Cyan in your office canteen has been said to stimulate the energy of the liver which helps to improve digestion. Opting for light colours in your office, such as white desks, will help to reflect light around the room and encourage positivity.

Office Canteen in Cyan
Huddle Rustic Meeting Pod Acoustic Qualities

Acoustic Panels & Pods

Open-plan offices have become increasingly popular over the past decade, and with companies like Facebook and Google following this trend, many others are following close behind. Acoustic Panels and Meeting Pods are perfect for open-plan spaces as they offer privacy and noise reduction. Acoustic Panels come in all shapes, sizes and colours and offer you the opportunity to get creative with your wall designs. Our range of Meeting Pods is extremely versatile and they are a great solution for open-plan offices in need of small meeting rooms without the hassle of having to build or renovate your space.

Natural Elements

With office workers spending about eight hours a day inside, it’s important to appreciate the benefits of introducing more natural elements into the workplace. A great example of this would be hanging plants which don’t only look beautiful but also help to purify the air. If you’re feeling extra creative, why not design your own ‘Living Wall’? A Living Wall is an entire wall that is covered with plants. Some offices even have their own veggie patches which encourage healthy eating and sustainability.

Sustainable Office Plants with Living Wall

An important aspect to consider when designing your office layout is to think of ways to future-proof your space. Modular soft seating, workbenches, integrated technology, meeting pods and acoustic panels are examples of smart office furniture choices that support a well-designed, practical and adaptable workplace. The correct use of cable management, such as cable baskets and cables spines, will prolong the lifespan of your computers and help to regulate airflow. Simple steps like these will save you the hassle of having to rewire your office sometime in the future.