With 2018 just around the corner it’s time to start thinking about ways that you can improve your office for the new year without making wide-ranging physical alterations to the layout. Cable management will make your office much more pleasing to the eye for both workers and visitors while being very easy to implement. Providing more cable management in your workplace can be done by installing Power Modules, CPU Holders, Monitor Arms and Cable Trays.

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Power Modules

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Power modules like all cable management solutions, make a workspace neat and tidy. These power sockets can be fully integrated into an existing desk meaning no more untidy extension leads will be required. Power modules not only clean up an office but they look really stylish too. They will really add that it factor, with choices of pop out modules that elevate up from a desk or modules that have covers that simply lift up. All of these products are perfect for offices, meeting rooms and boardrooms.

Power modules can be made with numerous different configurations such as USB ports and sockets to fit plugs from various regions. Having different configurations will allow people to use your space easily and effectively no matter what devices they have. This is particularly important with the rise of hot-desking as a major factor in offices around the world.

CPU Holders

CPU Holders are another excellent cable management method. Simply attach a CPU Holder by screwing them to the underside, or a side panel, of your desk with the screws provided. This has a number of benefits. Firstly, the CPU Holder lets you take back all the foot room under a computer desk. The unit will be held aloft and, by being attached to the desk, it’s tucked snugly out of the way while still being easy to reach. This is great for cable management with the cables and the actual unit being moved out of the way of workers.

A second major benefit is that a CPU Holder will keep your computer off of the floor. This helps extend the life of your hardware as your CPU will be able to more easily regulate temperature and avoid dirt and dust as it is not on the floor. With the CPU Holder off the floor, your computer will also benefit from added protection as it can no longer get hit by a wayward foot!

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Monitor Arms

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Computer stands and mounts provide an uncluttered way of viewing your monitor. The cable management benefits are fantastic with these monitor arms. You can run cables neatly and safely down the back or through the middle of the arm ensuring that there is nothing hanging loose. Some of our monitor arms also have USB ports and earphone jacks providing simpler solutions for using different devices. As well as cable management, monitor arms also have significant ergonomic advantages. These stands can help you set your monitor at the correct height for your sitting position meaning that you can avoid the health consequences of bad posture and neck strain.

Cable Spines and Baskets

For even simpler cable management changes you can implement, look into installing cable spines, portholes and baskets. A cable spine will not only group your cables together but it will also protect them should anyone brush passed or step on them. Cable baskets are attached to the underside of your desk and keep your cables off the floor. They’re out of sight so your desk will have a neat and tidy appearance as well as out of the way of co-workers who could trip and hurt themselves with loose cables on the floor. Finally, you can simply install portholes or grommets into your desk. A small section is cut out of a desk and the porthole is inserted to allow your cables to easily pass through the middle of the table without hanging over the sides.

Man Using a Kneeling Chair in Office