Nature inspires peace and relaxation. It is a place where people go to disconnect and find inspiration. Currently, we spend almost as much time at the office as we do at home. This means that the need to disconnect is at an all-time high, while our downtime is at an all-time low.

So if you want to bring the benefits of a natural space indoors, adding a few plants in some strategic spots around the office is the way to do it. Plants are not just a way of making your office more homely, but also an easy and aesthetically-pleasing way of creating a healthier and happier work environment. If you’re not convinced, we’re giving you four benefits of having plants in the office and our choices for the best indoor plants for an office environment.

Three Plant Pots with Geometrical Figures

They Clear the Air

Cacti and Philodendrons Next to a Chair

We all know about the connection between plants and oxygen, but what you may not know is that plants are particularly good for the office air. Office computers eliminate toxic fumes. On top of that pollutants like formaldehyde, dust mites, carbon monoxide and chemical cleaning agents can also be found in a typical office environment.

Our choice: A cactus or a philodendron. They’re both low-maintenance and low-light office plants and the philodendron even grows under fluorescent lights! They also have purifying properties. Cacti clear the air around you, while philodendrons clear electromagnetic energies. Place them around the computers in your office to get rid of any elements that lower the air quality.

They Are Good for Productivity

A study from Washington State University shows a significant increase in employee performance when plants are in the room. Combine plants and Feng shui to make the most of it!

Our choice: Lucky bamboo plants – a popular option among Feng shui office plants. Wondering where you could place a bamboo plant in the office? There are a couple of options connected to productivity. Choose your desk for a small plant. Placing a luck plant in a “study” area increases your career success! Place tall bamboo plants on either side of the main door for good fortune. Beware that bamboo plants need special care, so if you don’t have the time or patience opt for similar, more low- maintenance Feng shui plants like money trees and peace lilies.

Small plants in Three Glass Pots

They Have Stress-Reducing Properties

Staghorn Ferns on White Wall

Not only do plants clean the air around you and make you more productive but they also have a calming effect! Studies show that office plants significantly decrease feelings of anxiety, tension, dejection, hostility and fatigue. A workplace without negativity and stress sounds like the ideal workplace, right? Well, it turns out it’s just a few plants away!

Our choice: Snake plants or ferns. They’re both the best plants for an office environment as they strive indoors. Their luscious greenery has a relaxing and calming effect, perfect for reducing work-related stress! Bonus: the staghorn fern doesn’t need soil! This makes it a versatile plant that can be hanged on the walls, combining the health benefits of plants and a creative upgrade in your office design!

They Reduce Noise

We wrote about how acoustic panels can help reduce noise in an office so why not choose green acoustic panels? An important property, given the popularity of modern open-space offices. If office partitions aren’t enough, you can consider moving towards green office living walls.

Our choice: Ficus or parlour palms. Their size and volume make them the perfect partition between desks and their luscious, green leaves absorb unwanted noise. Place them on solid surfaces like hardwood floors, concrete or marble walls for the best results.

Leafy Green Plants on Desk