One of the most popular office design trends this spring is the minimalist design. Minimalism achieves maximum impact with a minimal design. In a world where we no longer work in traditional office buildings and often have to make the most out of a small space, this trend is here to stay!
A minimalist approach is great for saving money on unnecessary things and for boosting productivity in the workplace. And just because you have to keep things to a bare minimum, it doesn’t mean you can’t create an exciting modern office interior.


What does “minimalist” mean?


According to the Merriam- Webster dictionary, minimalism is a style or technique that is characterised by extreme spareness and simplicity. A minimalist office focuses on reducing distractions; from keeping your workstation clean to getting rid of impractical furniture.

Despite its simplicity, a minimalist look doesn’t have to mean bland spaces with no personality. On the contrary, you can get quite creative just by following a few easy minimalist design principles.

Clever Storage

Minimalism is about the neat and tidy look. Declutter your office and keep only the strictly necessary items. This can be challenging given that important documents and sensitive data are often stored in an office. A perfect solution for a minimalist organisation is to digitize as much as you can and keep only the essential paperwork in a filing system. In terms of office supplies, be realistic about what you actually need.  Store all the essentials out of sight, in a cupboard, pedestal or on a shelf. Our range of pedestals can be customised with soft seating, offering not only easy storage within reach but also a flexible seating system for meetings.


Clean Cut Lines


And on the subject of furniture, modern minimalism is all about clean-cut lines and practicality. In terms of furniture, opt for rectangular shapes that create a simple interior design. A rectangular white desk with metal legs makes the perfect minimalist desk setup. When it comes to seating, a well-chosen ergonomic chair can add a complementary modern touch to your minimalist office space. Avoid bulky furniture that takes up too much space! Instead, opt for multi-purpose furniture, like mobile workstations and adjustable desks. They can be used for long hours of individual work and moved around for presentations and brainstorming sessions.

A Pop of Colour

Minimalism is a less is more design philosophy, but it leaves room for creativity. Just because you have to avoid clutter, it doesn’t mean you can’t create an exciting modern office interior. Get creative with your wall decorations and opt for a few pieces of striking art that complement your colour scheme! Alternatively, combine practicality and aesthetics by putting acoustic panels on your walls.  With their different shapes and colours, they can be attached to the wall and turned into art pieces according to your minimalist aesthetic.  Choose nice flowing shapes and complementary colours for a perfect minimalist layout.