1. Clear the office of clutter

Clearing the office of clutter is one of the essential steps towards better-performing employees. After all, a clear office equals a clear mind. It can be extremely distracting for employees if the office surroundings are full of clutter and mess. Wires and cables are probably one of the most common item you can find in any office. It can be highly distracting for employees if wires from there monitor screens are constantly getting tangled with other desk items or cables running across the floor getting tangled around their feet whilst navigating around the office space.

Wire cables in cable spines. Before and after

Managing those pesky wires and cables has never been easier and can greatly help decrease unnecessary distractions. Monitor arms, cable spines and power modules are simple but effective ways to help manage your wires and cables and are a great solution to help de-clutter your office making it look as neat and as tidy as possible. Here are some cable management ideas which can help you de-clutter your office of those annoying wires and cables hanging around.

under the office desks

2. Incorporate ergonomics in the workplace


The importance of ergonomics in the workplace has become highly evident over the last number of years. It’s no secret that ergonomic furniture has plenty of benefits, not only can it exceedingly improve productivity and increase efficiency in the office, ergonomic design furniture can also help prevent injuries that can be obtained whilst working in the office. Did you know that an average working adult spends 50-70% of the day sitting at work? Minor changes like providing ergonomic friendly task chairs can reduce levels of discomfort and stress as it specifically caters to the user’s needs. Ergonomic operator chairs allow for the employee to be supported properly throughout the day and increase efficiency as the chairs are highly adjustable to accommodate any sort of movement whilst sitting. Incorporating ergonomics in the office will allow workstations to become more efficient as it allows for fewer motions and better height reaches.

3. Reduce the level noise in the office with Acoustic Screens

Open plan offices have certainly become a trend in designing office spaces over the last number of years and it’s pretty understandable why this concept has become extremely popular. The channel of communication between employees is better as there are no walls separating them and companies can save a substantial amount of money by fitting their workforce into one space. However, some people who work in open plan offices feel that they do not have enough privacy and believe that they would be more productive in a quieter environment. Constant noise around the office can cause a significant amount of stress to employees leading to a decrease in productivity.

Office floor with white office desks and chairs and wall panels

Reducing the level of noise with sound-proofing acoustic panels can be a simple but highly effective solution to reducing the level of background noise in the office. Not only can these acoustic screens majorly decrease the level of noise in the office, they are extremely versatile too. You can easily create privacy around the office by installing acoustic office partitions and desk screens to separate workers.

4. Bring some of nature inside

plants on office desk

A simple change like incorporating a couple plants around the office can help boost the productivity of your employees. According to a recent study, workers who worked with plants around them were 12% more productive and less stressed than those who worked in an environment with no plants. Plants are a great solution to help clean the office air and create a fresher environment. They also bring the benefit of adding vibrant colours into the workplace, creating a much more aesthetically pleasing and happier work surrounding. If you’re looking for ideas on what type of plants you could incorporate in your office these would be our recommendations.

It’s important to ensure that your employees are happy in the workplace because at the end of the day, they are your best assets. A more productive worker equals a more successful business.