Why is creating privacy important?

An article on the BBC news website states that employees who work in an open plan office were 15% less productive and have immense trouble concentrating. This revelation should not be taken into account lightly as less productive employees will most likely lead to an underperforming business. While the open plan design brings many advantages into the workplace, it also carries some negative qualities and while we can argue both sides for days, the design is not going to change anytime soon for many offices. If you want to read more about the pros and cons of open offices, check out this blog post. So, while we wait for the next fad of office space design to occur, what can we do to help solve the problem? The most obvious and simple solution is to strive to create a balance. Provide a sense of privacy to cater for everyone’s needs, because after all, balance is key to creating a well-designed workplace.


Create privacy with office screens & desking modules

Acoustic free standing screens

To help reduce the levels of distractions from others and to accommodate for the introverts that may be present in the office, incorporate office screens into your workplace design. This simple, yet effective solution helps you to sub-divide your space with no hassle and is perfect for creating privacy. The screens can be fitted to workstations to create personal space for your employees, and can also be fitted to each individual desktop, creating much-needed privacy when on the phone or working quietly. The free-standing screens are incredibly useful for creating specific zones in the office. The screens are completely mobile and can be positioned wherever you need.

2 person desk module

Personal desking modules are also an effective solution to creating privacy. These modular vessels give your employees a place where they can retreat to for some peace and quiet if they wish to work alone for a few hours. The units are specifically designed to minimise sound travel and create private spaces in an open-plan office environment and are fitted with portals for cable management accommodating for the use of technology.

Designate space for specific needs

Framery Office Pod - acoustic noise reduction

Having certain spaces for different purposes helps decrease distractions such as noise or constant movement from others. Having a designated place for collaborative work or a quiet space within the open plan office can help minimise such distractions. This enables employees to go and have a team meeting, huddle or one-to-one chat with each other whilst not disturbing other staff who are concentrating on their work. Meeting pods are a great solution if you are looking to create a collaborative area or an area where you can relax within the busy dynamic of an open office. The acoustic pods  provide a comfortable yet functional meeting space for colleagues and allows for a quiet retreat from the busy office environment.

Reduce noise pollution to decrease distractions

It has been concluded that employees lost as much as 86 minutes per day due to noise distractions. This adds up to a staggering number of hours lost within a year and a significant decrease in employee productivity if not dealt with correctly. This can further lead to unfavourable consequences for your company. So, what can be done to help resolve this issue? Implementing sound masking measures in the office such as acoustic screens can substantially help in reducing noise pollution. By soundproofing your walls with acoustic panels, you are promoting an efficient working environment for your workers whilst enabling the boost of productivity, benefiting your business in the long run.

Fluffo noise absorption tiles