What is modular furniture design?

Modular furniture is comprised of different components that can be used individually or combined together to create a bigger unit. The design allows for a more cohesive and flexible workspace. It brings plenty of benefits to designing an office. Modular furniture allows for customisation, meaning you can arrange the units to best suit your space. With almost unlimited options and with easy to install configurations, creating a portable office that will meet the needs of employees. Modular designed furniture comes in many forms including tables, sofas and more!

modular boardroom table

Modular furniture is like a set of building blocks, it allows you to customise and adapt regarding your needs. Use this to benefit your office style and design preference. It is also a cost-effective alternative. Trends are constantly changing in the design industry and more often than not, it can be very expensive refurbishing. Modular furniture allows you to create fresh looks and functionality without having to spend a lot of money. Furthermore, it encourages a more collaborative workplace. With the option of combing certain pieces together quickly and easily, it allows for a more flexible office where employees can create a workspace to work together with no hassle.

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Where can you use modular furniture?

Modular reception furniture

Incorporate modular seating in your reception area. Modular soft seating is the perfect choice when it comes to reception areas. Comprised of many elements, it can serve as a table, bench, shelf and sofa which can be combined and shaped in various ways to create a stylish, comfortable and functional office waiting room area. The modernly designed units allow you to refresh the style of your reception area seating as many times as you please, creating a new fresh impression for visitors and clients whenever you desire.

modular office chairs and sofa

Modular office table furniture

modular office tables

Take advantage of the benefits modular tables can bring in to your office. Modular tables encourage a cohesive working environment. Modular desking units can be combined to create a collaborative environment, allowing workers to have the choice of working by themselves or with others when they please. Another plus? Modular tables are a great space-saving solution if space is a premium. You don’t have to purchase one big table which can take up a lot of surface area. Modular meeting room tables allow you to purchase individual components which can be used individually whilst also being capable of combining into one big meeting room table if needed.

Modular Breakout furniture

Modular furniture is very useful in breakout areas. Modular seating design such as the pouffe is a fresh and modern approach to casual seating. Upholstered in vibrant fabrics, the colourful pouffes add fun and functionality into breakout areas. The individual piece of blocks can be combined and transformed into one large seating piece or can also be used to form clusters of smaller units for more privacy.

bazalto pouffes soft chairs