Remember all those years when you were just a little sprout waking up on Halloween bursting with excitement and utter joy at the thought of dressing up as your favourite superhero or princess character for the day? Oh, how nostalgic! Fast forward a couple of years later and the magic of Halloween has probably lost its sparkle since you’re no longer an eight year old but no one ever said Halloween was just for the youngsters. Get your team involved, have a little fun and celebrate Halloween in the office with fun activities. Celebrating the spooky holiday can be used as a team building, morale-boosting activity for employees! Here are our favourite spooky day themed activities to help us celebrate in the office.


1. Halloween Dress Up Day


What better way to get the team in the Halloween spirit than giving them the opportunity to dress up as their favourite alter-ego for the day? Encourage everyone to partake in the celebrations by agreeing on a Halloween dress-up day in the office. You could agree on a particular theme (theme ideas: favourite movie character, carnival, Hollywood glitz & glam, superheroes etc.) or just let everyone’s imagination run far and (acceptably) wild! Entice the crew with a little friendly competition to see who can conjure up the best costume.

2. Desk Decoration Competition

Decorations always gets everyone in the holiday spirit. Run a friendly competition to see who can bedazzle everyone with the best spooky and scary decorated office desk. Make it even more interesting and set up some rules. Here are some ideas:


  1. Encourage team building: Work with your desk neighbour and combine your imagination together to create the best-decorated desk to beat the rest!
  2. Recycled materials only, no buying decorations allowed: Make it more challenging by only allowing participants to use recycled materials that they can find lying around at home or in the office. This also will increase creativity in the office. (Right image credits: Pinterest)

3. Halloween Themed Treats/Lunch

Ask the team to come together and put their cooking hats on. Encourage everyone to bring some tasty Halloween themed treats in the office to share during lunch time. Get creative with pumpkin shaped cookies, pumpkin flavoured pies and ghost muffins to kill the hunger away! Have some groovy Halloween themed music on like the classic ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson during the lunching hour and enjoy a spook-tastic time with your colleagues.


4. Halloween Games

End the office festivities with some classic Halloween games. These are our personal office favourites:

bobbing apples halloween game

Apple bobbing

All you’ll need is a bag of apples and a reasonably sized tub or basin for this class Halloween game. Fill the basin with water, put the apples in and watch the participants try and catch an apple using only their teeth!

Horror movie trivia

Write down some horror movie trivia questions and pile them up on the table. Ask the participants to take turns picking a card. If they answer correctly, they are safe but if they answer wrong they must take a mystery drink or food chosen by the other participants in the game. Here you can find an updated list of the top 240 horror movies from 2000 – 2018 by IMDb.

halloween trivia question

Pumpkin popping 

Buy a pack of orange balloons and write up a selection of prizes and penalties onto pieces of paper to place inside of the balloons before they are fully inflated. Examples of prizes can be vouchers for local coffee shops, while penalties can be doing tasks around the office like refilling the printer or making the office coffee.  Make sure to write an even balance of prizes and penalties. Once all the balloons are blown up place them in a group in the centre of the office and then take it in turns to select and pop the balloons.