It’s a well known fact that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It’s a time filled with joy, warmth and cheer. Where we look to strengthen all of the relationships in our lives, both professionally and personally. Establishing Christmas traditions within your office is a festive way to encourage team spirit amongst your employees. As well as give them a nice treat to show your appreciation for all the hard work they’ve done over the course of the working year.

It’s never too late to start some Christmas traditions within your office, and if you already have some established festivities then it couldn’t hurt to revamp them slightly to add some fun new twists to your celebrations. Here are our top picks for some classic Christmas celebrations for your office to adopt this holiday season.

Decorated desk for Christmas time

Ugly Christmas Jumper day

ugly Xmas Jumper contest

This classic tradition is the perfect way to bring some Christmas cheer into your office. The third Friday of December is National Ugly Christmas Jumper day, which is the perfect time to start the tradition. For added fun you can host a competition amongst your employees, awarding prizes to the most creative, original or outrageous jumpers worn on the day. Giving your staff added incentive to participate in the festivities.

Charity Secret Santa

Secret Santa is always a fun game to take part in with your coworkers. However if you are new to an office, or simply don’t have the opportunity to interact much with your colleagues, then this is a game that can become quite stressful. Truthfully none of us really need any extra gifts this Christmas season, so our office partakes in a tradition of choosing a charity and buying presents for children in need instead. This process works the same as the classic game, except each staff member is given a basic profile of a child (age range/ gender) instead of another member of staff. Once a price range and date have been set everyone brings in their gifts to be handed over to the charity on the day of the exchange. This is the perfect twist for an office looking to be socially conscious and a nice way to truly get your office into the giving spirit of Christmas.

Xmas presents for the office colleagues

Christmas Movie day

Pop corn a classic for Christmas movies

For the month of December a unique way to build your staff up to Christmas is to hold a weekly viewing of Christmas movies. Host a poll in the office where everyone votes for their favourite Christmas flick and screen the most popular choices each week during lunch. If time is at a premium then simply make a big day of it and screen the most popular choice as a nice treat for your staff. To add another layer to this event you could create a hot chocolate bar, making hot chocolate for everyone to drink while they watch, setting out various toppings for their cocoa to let them add a fun, personal touch to the day. Here’s a list of popular Christmas films for you to choose from to conduct your poll.

Office Christmas Dinner Potluck

Christmas dinner is the highlight of every festive season. A fun way to bring a bit of that festivity into your office is to host a potluck version of a Christmas dinner in your office. Organise ahead of time a date for your dinner and have everyone make a different dish, or section of the dinner to bring in. This activity gets everyone into the Christmas spirit, as the best way to make it a success is to get everyone involved. A fun twist to this if your office includes a multitude of different nationalities would be for everyone to bring food that is traditional to their country, or what they would enjoy eating in their culture for Christmas. Putting on classic Christmas music or buying some Christmas crackers is a quick and easy way to increase the Christmas cheer as well.

Buffet for Xmas time