Going green can have a number of positive effects on your business, that extend far beyond what you may initially think. What is meant by this is simply embracing an environmentally-friendly attitude, with the aim of preventing polluting the earth. The effects of climate change are real, everybody, especially companies, has a part to play to create a better world. In a previous blog post, we covered what actions you can incorporate to create a green-friendly workspace. Today, we explore the why and what the benefits are from going green.

#1 Minimises Environmental Pollution

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The primary benefit of adopting an eco-friendly approach is the positive effect on the environment. By doing so, you are minimising the impact of climate change. As they say, “knowledge is power”. So, being aware and informing yourself and those around you is key in making this change happen. You are more likely to prevent the waste of the earth’s non-renewable resources when you realise the negative impact they have on our planet. A few simple but meaningful actions to undertake include preventing the waste of electricity by turning off lights in your office when not needed, recycle what otherwise would go to landfill or make sustainable swaps where possible. Sustainable choices can be considered as those which last, fulfil multiple functions and make use of more environmentally-friendly materials. Green walls and frames would, for instance, be a great sustainable addition to the office as they are not only aesthetically pleasing, absorb surrounding sound but also use plants that are cultivated in a way that respects the environment.

#2 Shows You Care For The Environment

Going green has a number of positive outcomes for your business, some more tangible than others. It demonstrates to your workforce, potential consumers and even your competitors that your business has values. In doing so, you will enhance your company’s reputation as more ‘sustainable’ and environmentally friendly. The growing number of millennials in the workforce means that the amount of people who regard this as an important factor when considering to stay in a company has increased significantly. With this in mind, it would be a wise decision to adopt a green-friendly attitude in the workspace. Ideas for which are numerous that include saving energy by using natural light, buying eco-friendly furniture and eliminating paper through the use of a digital filing system. In addition, when buying supplies, a great eco-friendly option would be to purchase those made out of recycled materials such as folders, notebooks and even mousepads.

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#3 Shows You Care About Your Employees

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Not only do you demonstrate a concern for the environment, but also for the wellbeing of your employees. For example, incorporating plants in the office has a number of surprising benefits. One such major advantage is that they have stress-reducing properties and have been shown to reduce feelings of anxiety and fatigue. Also, they act as a natural sound absorber which might prove useful with the growing number of open-plan office spaces. Plant-based desk and free-standing screens for instance, are a modern and different way you can reap these rewards, a great alternative to the simple desk plant. Taking these benefits seriously shows a genuine concern for the overall welfare of your employees which in turn leads to greater productivity and happier staff.

#4 Confirms You Are Future Focused And Progressive

By putting the environment on your company’s agenda, you are joining the likes of Google, Dell and other major corporates who have decided to take this issue seriously. It shows that you are future-focused and progressive in your thinking. But even more importantly, open to change, adaptation, demonstrating a willingness to evolve as a company. Ireland’s 2019 Climate Action Plan aims to tackle the breakdown of our climate and by 2050 achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. Why not be apart of the reason this goal becomes a reality through adopting a green-friendly company policy? This commitment can be reflected in not only the recycled/ reusable supplies and products you use as mentioned above, but also in how you choose to decorate your office. The addition of eco-friendly logos and pictograms made from real preserved moss speak volumes, both literally and metaphorically. They act as a reminder of how stunning and valuable nature is through their incorporation of greenery but also sends a strong message by means of a chosen logo or phrase. With this in mind, making this switch would have a real positive influence on employees and your clients but most importantly, on this planet.

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Having explored what going green might mean for your company, it is definitely something we should consider. Protecting our surroundings should not only be a pursuit for the climate action NGO’s of this world but every other business, because our actions matter, whether the consequences of such are felt now or in the not too distant future. Remember, ‘climate change isn’t something that’s coming down the track – it’s already happening’.

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