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Usually we write about the benefits of office furniture and create practical advice for solving common office problems but as we prepared for our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales at Radius Office we began to wonder how this day started. Today, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are associated with great discounts and deals. For most consumers it is an occasion where we can get coveted items at a cheaper price. Black Friday falls each year on the 27th of November and is followed by Cyber Monday on the 30th of November. Each day also comes right before Christmas and is therefore seen as a way to get some of your Christmas shopping done for a smaller price tag. While this is the meaning of Black Friday and Cyber Monday that we are familiar with today, how many of us know the origin story of both these days?

Where Did the Term Black Friday Come From?

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The name Black Friday actually came from a day that is not related to sales or discounts. In 1869 two Wall Street financiers, Jay Gould and James Fisk, bought vast quantities of gold with the aim of reselling it for higher prices. This caused the stock market to collapse on the 24th of September and lead to a financial crisis in the United States. To mark this day it was called Black Friday. The relationship between sales and Black Friday also comes from the United States, the myth was that it came from the Friday after Thanksgiving where shops gained a large profit from Christmas shoppers and therefore went ‘into the black’ as opposed to the red.

What is the Origin of Black Friday?

The true beginning of Black Friday first started in the 1950s in Philadelphia, United States where, on the day after Thanksgiving, many people would come into the city to shop. There were cases of stealing amidst the increased number of people in the city resulting in the police nicknaming it Black Friday to describe the volume of people. Over the years business owners attempted to change the name but it stuck. During the 1980s, it was reinvented by businesses and linked with a more positive association, that shops would be ‘out of the red’ due to the volume of business they would conduct on that day. Today, it has continued in the latter meaning of this tradition and is capitalised on by businesses across the world. While it is a common practice to have sales during November in the United States, Black Friday did not come to the U.K until 2010 when Amazon launched a campaign. Later other shops caught onto this trend and it is now widely practiced in Europe.

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Is Black Friday Still Happening in 2020?

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This year, we are being advised to stay home and reduce our contacts. Simultaneously, many retail shops are being asked to stay closed. Black Friday is still set to go ahead but it will look a lot different. Traditionally, Black Friday has taken place in the physical shop, even since the growth of online shopping. One of the familiar scenes associated with it are the images of packed shops. Long queues would start early in the morning as people prepared to take advantage of the discounts offered. However, purchases this year will most likely take place entirely online. There is also a growing appeal to support local businesses this year which may be reflected in where consumers choose to shop. For example, at Radius Office we will be holding a Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale with 10% off all our office furniture.

Are Cyber Monday and Black Friday the Same?

Cyber Monday comes a couple of days after Black Friday and the term was first coined in 2005 by Shop.org. The main difference between Cyber Monday and Black Friday is that Cyber Monday is entirely online. Since its debut, sales on Cyber Monday have continued to do better than the sales on Black Friday. One of the reasons it is doing better is a combination of ease and technology. Many people prefer the convenience of ordering online rather than queuing early in long lines. It is likely it may be even more popular this year as the globe undergoes a pandemic that requires us to stay home and away from crowds. In fact, the Deloitte 2020 report predicts that e-commerce sales are set to grow even more than in 2019.

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How to Make the Most of Black Friday and Cyber Monday with Radius Office

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For some people it’s enough to rock up and browse through sales on the day but it is a good idea to prepare in advance. First, make a list of what you or your office needs. This may be home office furniture or breakout and soft seating and if you are in doubt of any measurements or finishes, you are always welcome to get in touch with our Sales team. We have a wide range of office furniture and ergonomic solutions for both offices and home. Don’t miss this opportunity to get our high-quality office furniture at a 10% Discount this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

If you need help in setting up a home office or are looking to rearrange your office, Radius Office will be having a Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. Take a look at our website and social media to see our offers and products available.