Working from home is continuing for much longer than we expected. At this stage, you have probably settled down with proper work from home furniture. But if you haven’t done this yet, now is a good time to assess your working area and introduce an office in your home. Apart from the aesthetic purposes, you have to ensure you are working in a healthy and safe environment. When it comes to sitting in front of a screen for hours, it’s important to have a suitable setup, otherwise this may cause discomfort, if not more serious problems.

To help get you started we have 5 simple steps you can follow to set up a home office.

#1 Plan and Prioritise First

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Creating a functional home office is achievable if you plan and prioritise in advance. First, identify what you need from your workspace. Do you need a spacious worktop or more storage? Are you sitting for long periods of time and need a sit-stand desk? These key points will guide you in what you choose to include. Once you know what your needs are, examine the layout of your home for a potential spot. If possible, create a clear divide between your work and living area. The corners of rooms are sometimes ignored areas that can be maximised with a compact desk. Another good idea is to turn a walk-in closet into an office. While you are choosing a place consider how functional it is, are there sockets nearby for you to charge your devices? If you are unable to dedicate a room to your home office but still have options, it is better to have a space that is quiet with no distractions.

#2 Choose the Right Desk

As soon as you select the location of your home office and take its measurements, you can now choose a home desk from a wide range of options that will maximise space and adapt to your needs and surroundings. It is important to consider your sitting activity when making this decision, for anyone who wants to move while working there are sit-stand desks and mobile workstations. Desk partitions with built-in acoustic control properties can also be added if you require extra privacy. If you need to take up minimal space or if it is going to be in a central place in your home then a folding desk is perfect as you can put it away. Alternatively, some desks can be attached to the wall. If your home office is not in a separate room, its style should blend seamlessly with your interior. Fortunately, we have a variety of styles and finishes in stock to ensure you can find one that is not only smart and chic but also functional.

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#3 Stay Tidy with Storage

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Studies have shown that clutter impacts your ability to work effectively and creatively. Even if you have a small room there are plenty of options: hanging storage or pedestals that slide under desks are a great way to add storage to your office without taking up extra floor space. Here, you can put away any work items when you’re done or store essential equipment. If you use paper consider switching to electronic systems or introduce a paper filing system. Storage is also important for cables; they can be easily tripped over and make a room look messy. Cable management solutions come in a variety of styles and can be attached to your desk or floor.

#4 Sit Comfortably and Protect Your Eyes

After a long day at work you may find your neck and back are aching. An ergonomic chair in your home office is a vital addition for any worker who is sitting all day. Unlike our beds and couches, office chairs are built to be sat in for long durations and offer comfort and support. Monitor arms are also a great way to add extra room to your desk as desktops and laptops occupy a major portion of the worktop. Not only that, monitor arms offer a multitude of other benefits besides space saving. We spend up to 1,700 hours every year looking at screens and that is a strain on our neck and eyes. Monitor arms are ergonomic additions that lift screens to the recommended height for our necks and can be adjusted to be an adequate distance from our eyes. Some even come with built-in cable management solutions too.

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#5 Add the Finishing Touches

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A home office is a space where you will spend a decent amount of your day so it is worth making it an enjoyable place to be. In a study conducted by Cornell, it showed that people who work near natural light are less likely to be sick and have problems such as headaches. Good light is also important as dark spaces can be depressing and can reduce alertness and productivity. Having a reliable lamp nearby will make a huge difference. Similarly, plants are not solely decorative,they have been shown to make us more productive. Small potted plants are easy to find these days and can be added to your desk or surrounding area. If you want to go that extra mile then you can choose the colour of your office too. A singular colour for your walls can create a larger looking space while certain colours have different effects on our mood. For example, blue brings a calming effect and induces productivity while green makes people more relaxed.

Home offices are going to become a staple in every home as more of us have to or wish to work remotely, even if it is part-time. Set yourself up for success with these helpful steps.

If you need help in setting up a home office, our experienced and friendly sales team is here to help. You can also contact us today through our chat on the website or by emailing or calling us to discuss your requirements.