As people’s work schedules become increasingly flexible, their office spaces are following suit.

With hybrid workers, Gen Z graduates, and post-pandemic recruits coming into the office, it is more important than ever to have a fluid workspace which caters to any and all needs. Modular office furniture is showing how easy it can be to have a suitable workspace arranged. Featuring multi-purpose pieces, bench desking, and collaborative seating arrangements, modular furniture is the future in terms of modern office design. In this blog, we will list a few of the reasons why companies are flocking to modular furniture for their offices.

Same space for different purposes

Man Working in an Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Open plan spaces are certainly the norm for most modern offices and modular office furniture is perfect for making the best use of all that space. With acoustic partitions and office dividers such as the MUTe Wall panels or the Join Up Freestanding Dividers, your workspace can be split into separate sections for desk works and meetings or brainstorming sessions. 

Modular seating such as the MDD Bazalto Pouffes can also be easily stored away when not in use. These units can be brought out for team meetings for easy, temporary seating that is not only multifunctional but also extremely stylish.

For tables, a hightop unit, such as Frovi’s Relic Table, gives the option for seated or standing work, can be used for group collaboration and team huddles, or as an individual workstation for focused tasks. And if floorplans are reconfigured, or an organisation moves location, multipurpose furniture is more likely to adapt to an entirely new space.

Health and wellbeing standards on the rise

Companies are also being drawn to modular furniture amid increased demand from employees to raise health and wellbeing standards.

We see more and more office fitouts in recent years asking for an element of support for employee wellbeing in the design layout. This can include modular soft seating such as our Pedrali Modus range which provides a suitable lounge area for employees to socialise, relax, or focus in a comfortable environment.

Height adjustable bench desking is also something that provides support for employee wellbeing. The Elev8 Bench Desk can be seamlessly added to an office environment to provide workers with the opportunity to work standing or sitting depending on their needs, without disturbing the flow of their colleagues.

With domestic furniture being more important for hybrid workers who are away from their home office, why not check out some of our modular soft seating and height adjustable desks, to encourage staff back into the workplace.

Man Using a Kneeling Chair in Office

Sustainability an ever-present priority

Woman Using Ergonomic Kneeling Chair in Office

As previously mentioned, modular office furniture can be used for a variety of purposes. This has become increasingly attractive as companies look to implement environmentally friendly ways of designing their offices. 

Open or closed meeting pods can be a perfect way of implementing sustainable choices to your office design. With infrastructure made to last, pieces such as the Framery Q or MUTe Space range have a variety of uses including but not limited to: brainstorming meetings, coworking space, lounge areas, or focus rooms.

Green offices are also implementing sustainable products such as moss panels or zoning areas to promote mental wellbeing. Dual purpose products such as the Green Mood moss panels have acoustic properties while acting as an art piece for plain walls. Our Spacestor Palisades provide storage while sectioning off separate parts to an open plan office.